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  • Ben


  • Warriors Publishing Group

    Warriors Publishing Group

    Providing the best in military fiction and nonfiction books; entertainment and insight into the missions, motivations, and mentality of the military mind.

  • Rudy Jakma

    Rudy Jakma

    Retired airline captain, accredited tourist guide in Ireland and university graduate in Irish and European History with a Master's Degree ,

  • Kevin Alexander

    Kevin Alexander

    I write about music, current events, and airplanes. Curious people all over the globe read this newsletter. Claim your free spot here: https://bit.ly/3flje0F

  • Bob Koure

    Bob Koure

    Semi retired software architect, statistical analyst, hotel mgr, bike racer, swimmer. Photographer. Amateur historian. Avid reader. Home cook. Never-FBer

  • Dinouk Colombage

    Dinouk Colombage

    Advisor to the Former Prime Minister of Sri Lanka, political advocate and writer/photographer.

  • Victoria W

    Victoria W

  • Antonfernando


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